Declining reimbursement as well as changes in volumes by care function requires organizations to regularly adjust the deployment of labor resources by type and number across the care continuum.


  • Reduction in labor costs against key labor performance measures.
  • Development of department-specific staffing patterns that lead to improved efficiency, as well as patient and physician satisfaction.
  • Recommendations to streamline the organizational structure, including span of control.
  • Availability of financial resources to allocate to other labor, material, or capital needs.

Blue Diamond utilizes a rigorous approach to establish targets and operational dashboards, providing Managers with the knowledge to align staffing resources with both expected and unexpected workload variation.


Blue Diamond Consulting’s assessment includes three perspectives to develop aggressive yet realistic improvement targets:

  1. Workforce benchmarking against similar organizations
  2. Internal performance comparison
  3. Improvements based on budget requirements

We collaborate with our clients to develop more efficient staffing matrices and patterns, assist in process redesign and implement internal productivity monitoring systems. We also assist in the development of labor and position control metrics that align workforce and financial performance goals.


  • Apply Lean planning principles to design out non-value in processes that require staff resources and time.
  • Direct observation and measurement of current state operations.
  • Departmental, as well as organization-wide data analysis and benchmarking against external, internal and budget to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Improvement Teams facilitated by Blue Diamond who brings extensive experience and leading practices to the teams.
  • Rigorous tracking and monitoring to ensure the improvement initiatives are implemented and performance goals attained.


Our team goes beyond traditional benchmarking by reaching out directly to select peer organizations who have successfully managed similar challenges.

Working with Blue Diamond , clients are able to deploy resources in a more effective manner while also increasing quality and patient satisfaction.


At Blue Diamond, we believe that regardless of your operations strategy, current performance, or where you are in your healthcare transformation journey, exceptional patient experiences will dictate your future success.

We believe that by looking at operations cross-functionally provides the greatest opportunity for achieving superior performance. We innovate with you, not for you more effective and efficient solutions.

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