With patients and families playing an increasing role in their personal healthcare decisions and future reimbursement tied to patient satisfaction results, healthcare organizations are turning their focus to optimizing the patient healthcare experience. Blue Diamond uses Lean-based principles eliminating non-value activities from the patient experience to improve patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.


  • Increase in capacity and throughput (i.e., admissions, clinic visits, ED patients) with the same set of resources.
  • Decrease in the patient’s total cycle time with proportionally more value added interactions.
  • Improvement in the quality of care outcomes and services provided.
  • Increase in patient, staff and physician satisfaction.
  • Increase in ability to capture future value-based purchasing reimbursement.
  • Generate additional revenue tied to increase in capacity.


Blue Diamond Consulting’s Patient and Family Experience Improvement service offering identifies and eliminates non-value tasks from the current state of patchwork operations, replacing it with a seamless care stream that is designed from the patient-family point of view. We optimize resources within existing operations and make measurable improvements to processes and performance while improving the quality of care and overall patient experience.

The result? A better experience for patients and families delivered in a more cost effective manner.


  • Use of Lean-based principles to design processes that support patient-driven value and exclude non-value activities.
  • Describe care stream and overall process from the patient-family point of view.
  • Identify future state workflows that support improvements not only within functional areas but also between functional areas where the greatest opportunities often exist.
  • Solicit stakeholder input and collaboration for successful identification and implementation of patient-family experience improvements.
  • Measure key performance metrics to ensure you are moving towards your desired future state.

Phase 1 Assessment

  • Data review and analysis
  • Care stream studies and identification of non-value activities
  • Real time peer benchmarking
  • Root cause analysis
  • Identification/Development of Performance metrics and targets
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities

Phase 2 Implementation

  • Charter and train improvement teams
  • Develop countermeasures
  • Run “pilots”
  • Create implementation plan
  • Develop and implement monitoring tools
  • Change management


Assessment of the patient experience focuses on what is often the greatest opportunities for improvement, the non-value associated with patient transitions from one function to the next.

Our LEAN approach provides a rigorous and methodical approach to establish baseline metrics, identify realistic opportunities for improvement, and implement operational efficiencies.


At Blue Diamond, we believe that regardless of your operations strategy, current performance, or where you are in your healthcare transformation journey, exceptional patient experiences will dictate your future success.

We believe that by looking at operations cross-functionally provides the greatest opportunity for achieving superior performance. We innovate with you, not for you more effective and efficient solutions.

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