Patient expectations are clear…they want to be efficiently scheduled for the requested service on the first call, to be provided with all relevant information, and to schedule the visit within a reasonable timeframe. When these expectations are not met, the patient is likely to turn to an alternative provider. The Blue Diamond Team will optimize and streamline the patient access process enabling the patient to efficiently access the services they desire.


  • Increase in patient appointment requests that are scheduled during the first call.
  • Increase in the percentage of scheduled patients who are pre-registered and have insurance verified prior to visit.
  • Streamline the insurance authorization process and communication of patient financial responsibility.
  • Improvement in ability to promptly answer calls and triage to the appropriate staff if necessary.
  • Optimization of the scheduling template and rules to decrease the time to third next appointment.
  • Alignment of staffing needs to demand, allowing for staff to function at the top of their role.
  • Increase in easy of access for patients referred by a system or community physician.


The patient access process involves a myriad of services and we work in cross functional teams to identify opportunities to shorten the cycle time and improve the patient experience. Organizations that do not meet the consumer’s service access expectations risk losing that patient now and for the foreseeable future.

The scope of Patient Access Services includes:

  • Scheduling/pre-registration
  • Insurance verification and authorization
  • Patient call center management
  • Physician scheduling template adjustments and cancellations; and, rescheduling patients
  • Referral management
  • Communication/collection of patient payment and identification of financial counseling needs
  • Department scheduling and check-in processes


  • Apply Lean planning principles to shorten the cycle time to schedule an appointment by eliminating wait times.
  • Real time observations and measurements in conjunction with benchmarking and analytics to define the current state which is used as a baseline from which to improve.
  • Focus on all processes of the patient access experience, beginning with the referral through day of service.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Facilitate improvement teams to address root cause of observed problems.
  • Rigorous tracking and monitoring to ensure that the improvement initiatives are implemented and performance goals attained.


  • Percent of patients provided a scheduled appointment on the first call
  • Percent of scheduled patients pre-registered and have insurance verified prior to visit
  • Percent of calls answered by a live person within 30 seconds
  • Call abandon rate
  • Third next available appointment
  • Clinic cancellation rate
  • Patient no show rate
  • Time required to schedule a patient needing insurance authorization
  • Collection of patient financial responsibility


Our tools and methodologies enable our clients to optimize resources within the existing capital asset structure and make measurable improvements to existing processes and performance while improving the patient experience.

We understand the patient access challenges healthcare organizations are currently facing because we have seen and successfully addressed similar issues in recent projects.


At Blue Diamond, we believe that regardless of your operations strategy, current performance, or where you are in your healthcare transformation journey, exceptional patient experiences will dictate your future success.

We believe that by looking at operations cross-functionally provides the greatest opportunity for achieving superior performance. We innovate with you, not for you more effective and efficient solutions.

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