It is common that as much as 50% of a patient’s admission and discharge days are spent on activities that adds no value to their quality of care. While the “problems” are observed in the Emergency Department where patients are being held as they wait for an available bed, the real cause of the problem is often deeply rooted in the inpatient care process. Blue Diamond Consulting provides clients with an opportunity to identify improvements to create bed capacity, where and when its needed.


  • Elimination of non-value added steps in the process, creating additional bed capacity.
  • Improvement in ability to accept transfer patients and direct admissions in a timely manner.
  • Reduction in the number of hours patients spend boarding in the Emergency Department or PACU.
  • Increase in patient satisfaction and also staff and physician satisfaction scores.
  • Available capacity to admit more patients and generate additional patient care revenue.


Blue Diamond will conduct a comprehensive review of the inpatient care experience, from admission to discharge to assess the patient experience and length of stay (LOS) drivers, and identify improvement solutions to optimize the inpatient care process.

Key processes included as part of our assessment and analyses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Elective admissions
  • Preadmission planning & teaching
  • Patient flow from day of admission to discharge
  • Bed placement protocols
  • Case management
  • Capacity management and elective procedural scheduling
  • ED throughput and ancillary services
  • Flow of observation patients
  • Discharge planning
  • Prevention of re-admissions


  • Apply Lean planning principles to design out non-value processes that require resources and time.
  • Real time observations and measurements used in conjunction with benchmarking and analytics to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Education and training are essential not only to implement and sustain the recommended operational changes but to develop a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Improvement Teams are facilitate by Blue Diamond senior clinical staff who bring extensive experience and leading practices to the teams.
  • Rigorous tracking and monitoring ensure that the improvement initiatives are implemented and performance goals attained.


Our tools and methodologies enable our clients to optimize resources within the existing capital asset structure and make measurable improvements to existing processes and performance while improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Blue Diamond's combination of clinical experience, benchmarking capability and operational expertise is critically important to deliver the kind of results healthcare organizations are seeking.


At Blue Diamond, we believe that regardless of your operations strategy, current performance, or where you are in your healthcare transformation journey, exceptional patient experiences will dictate your future success.

We believe that by looking at operations cross-functionally provides the greatest opportunity for achieving superior performance. We innovate with you, not for you more effective and efficient solutions.

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