Ambulatory care is going through a transformation as informed consumers are expecting ever greater levels of access, convenience and service at the same time millions of newly insured individuals are driving up the demand for health related services. Blue Diamond Consulting focuses on optimizing your existing resources to create the additional capacity and access to meet the needs of your marketplace and contribute to your financial well being.


  • Improvement in throughput and increase in capacity by elimination of non-value activities.
  • Enhancement in the patient experience and satisfaction scores.
  • Increase in access to ambulatory services with a decrease to third next appointment.
  • Development and standardization of a team-based care delivery model to improve patient management and transitions between functions.
  • Alignment of tasks with professional training and licensure to ensure staff are working at the top of their license.
  • Adjustment of staffing levels/schedules to match patient demand.
  • Creation of an effective ambulatory organization structure.


Our Ambulatory Care Services includes:

  • Pre-Encounter and Arrival – improving patient access from the initial contact through check-in.
  • Clinical Encounter – improving space, staff and physician utilization which all contribute to better throughput and patient experience.
  • Check-out and Post Encounter – improving communication of results as well as smooth patient transitions.

Through rigorous data analysis and benchmarking, peer organization interviews, and process observations, we will identify and prioritize improvement opportunities and provide the facilitation and tools to support your teams through successful implementation.


  • Apply Lean planning principles to design out non-value processes that require resources and time.
  • Real time observations and measurements used in conjunction with benchmarking and analytics to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Improvement Teams are facilitated by Blue Diamond who brings extensive experience and leading practices to the teams.
  • Rigorous tracking and monitoring ensure that the improvement initiatives are implemented and performance goals attained.


We understand the ambulatory operational challenges healthcare organizations are currently facing because we have seen and successfully addressed similar issues in recent projects.

Our combination of clinical workflows, benchmarking capability and operational expertise is critically important to deliver the kind of results healthcare organizations are seeking.


At Blue Diamond, we believe that regardless of your operations strategy, current performance, or where you are in your healthcare transformation journey, exceptional patient experiences will dictate your future success.

We believe that by looking at operations cross-functionally provides the greatest opportunity for achieving superior performance. We innovate with you, not for you more effective and efficient solutions.

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